Did you know that the third molars in your mouth are commonly called by another name? Read on to find out how "wisdom teeth" got their name...

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to "come in". They erupt at just about the time of young adulthood; between the ages of 16 to 20 and at the age when a person starts to gain maturity and wisdom. Most of our permanent (adult) teeth are established by age 13 but our "wisdom teeth" are the last to push their way through the gums.

When wisdom teeth come in healthy and properly positioned, they can be helpful in chewing. Unfortunately that's rarely the case. Sometimes wisdom teeth don't have enough room to come in normally or in the correct positon. These wisdom teeth are called "impacted" and may have to be removed.

Regular visits allow us to track the progress and condition of teeth as your teen matures. If your child is experiencing pain, swelling or discomfort in the jaw; let us evaluate the erupting teeth and discuss the options.

Ronald Rosser DDS