Wisdom Teeth Removal

The third molars or more commonly called "wisdom teeth", are the last teeth in your mouth to erupt and can be the cause of numerous dental problems. Your dentists may recommend the early removal of these molars as a preventive measure. Did you know that the ADA supports this aggressive treatment plan for the majority of today's teens? Find out the reasons why...

  • The removal of wisdom teeth can prevent many of the problems associated with their eruption and the future appearance of your smile and the health of your mouth.
  • Infections frequently occur when the third molars erupt though the gum tissue creating an opening where bacteria may enter resulting in pain, swelling and jaw stiffness.
  • Damage or crowding of adjacent teeth can be caused by a wisdom tooth that is poorly aligned or without adequate room in the jaw resulting in an "impacted tooth".
  • A cyst or tumor can form on or near an impacted wisdom tooth, destroying surrounding bone or the roots of an adjacent tooth.
  • Decay is also common due to the location of wisdom teeth which are difficult to clean and floss between.
The early removal of wisdom teeth is important because waiting until your teen is older can increase the risk of numerous and costly dental problems. Prevention is the key to a healthy mouth and being proactive is the best defense. Regular visits allow your dentist to track the growth progress and condition of teeth as your teen matures. Make an investment in your teen's health by calling us today for a comprehensive exam. You'll be glad you did!

Ronald Rosser DDS