Stress & Oral Health

Did you know that STRESS can affect your oral health?
The negative results of long term stress can manifest itself in many ways but you may not be aware of how your dental health might be compromised by stress.

  • High levels of stress can weaken the immune system and cause the mouth to become acidic resulting in swollen and bleeding gums better known as "periodontal gum disease".
  • Stress can also cause teeth grinding and jaw clinching while you sleep. The result of these can wear down the surface tooth structure, crack teeth and cause pain in the jaw joint.
  • Stress can also affect the dietary choices you make causing nutrient and hydration inefficiencies necessary for good oral health.
  • Uncertainty and stress from the economy may also cause people to skip their annual dental check-up, oral cancer screening or delay important treatment. Remember that preventative and timely dental care is not only cost effective but a good investment in your healthcare.
If you're experiencing some of these oral symptoms from stress, please let us know.
Call for an appointment and let us help you.

Ronald Rosser DDS