Are you snacking and drinking sweetened beverages throughout the day?

Did you know that this behavior will likely lead to tooth decay?

What and how often you eat can effect more than your weight and physical health. Eating habits and food choices can also increase tooth decay when a steady supply of sugary foods and liquids; including sport & energy drinks, are ingested throughout the day.

Here's what happens...

A sticky film of bacteria forms on the teeth when we eat and drink. This bacteria is called "plaque" and it uses the sugars in food to make an acid that attacks tooth enamel for as long as 20 minutes after ingestion. When you "graze" throughout the day, your teeth are repeatedly subjected to these acids. Over time, the tooth enamels is compromised and the possibility of decay increases.

So, look before you choose. Today's food and drink labels offer valuable information allowing you to make healthy choices in your diet and in your dental health too!

Ronald Rosser DDS