We think that you can learn a lot about a dentist from patient reviews. Dr. Rosser and his staff are proud to serve their patients with excellence and appreciate all of their positive reviews.
Read for yourself what actual patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Rosser.

"As far as I am concerned, Ron Rosser is the best dentist on the planet. He helped me overcome my phobia about going to the dentist."

Tim Tronstad

"Over 6 months ago I developed pain and a grating sensation in my jaw that was continuing to worsen. Dr. Rosser diagnosed the problem quickly and within a week of treatment, my symptoms were noticeably reduced. After a month I am pain free. Dr. Rosser does a great job of explaining the diagnosis and the process towards recovery, he is meticulous and detail oriented in his care. In addition, the staff working with Dr. Rosser are friendly, competent and helpful. I feel very fortunate to have found a local practitioner so capable."

Amanda Johnson

"When I first moved to Missoula, I needed a dentist skilled in restorative dentistry and full mouth reconstruction. I'd had some preliminary endodontic and orthodontic work started before I moved here but there was still quite a bit of work left to be done.

Not only did I find such a person in Dr. Ronald Rosser but I learned that he was well acquainted with other specialists in the area who could assist him. Dr. Rosser was extraordinarily skilled and patient in doing the very precise work required in my case.

I'm very pleased with the results and recommend him highly, not only for everyday family dental care but for the specialty cosmetic work I had done. I have recommended Dr. Rosser to others and was able to get three new patients for his practice".

Anne M. Petty

"Dr. Rosser and his staff are the best, without question!

I've been a patient for 21 years- since I moved from New York City. Over the years, Dr. Rosser has saved every one of my problem teeth. Plus he and his staff always take the extra time and effort to ensure that I'm comfortable and not in any pain.

Lately, I've had TMJ problems. Dr. Rosser fitted me for a custom nighguard and within three weeks of wearing the guard, I'm feeling great. It's been incredible!

It would take me several pages to write all the wonderful things about Dr. Rosser, his hygienist and the office receptionist but I suggest you find out for yourself how good he is. If you need a dentist or are not 100% satisfied with your current dentist, just try him."

Nancy Kieffer

"I've hated and feared desists for fifty years. My oral health suffered as a result and after being handled badly by another local dentist, I was referred to Dr. Rosser by a friend with a great looking smile.

His clinical staff are great, friendly, understanding, competent and almost too efficient.

He examined me, explained everything, made sure my fears were addressed and did a superlative job. They worked with my insurance, fixed any little problem immediately and now I have a great smile. I use it when asked to refer my dentist, Dr. Ron Rosser.

Need a great smile? Go to Dr. Rosser's office (his staff share theirs for free!).

Whether you need an exam, cleaning, filling, cosmetic procedures, partials or dentures, Dr. Rosser and crew are the people to see. They'll make sure YOUR smile is a great one to share. I use mine every day !

If you'd like me to gush, I suppose I could be a little more complimentary."

Dan R. McIntyre

"Dr. Rosser is a fine-tuned artist. I have been a patient for 15 years and had Dr. Rosser address my night-time jaw clenching issue, help me with preventive maintenance and equilibrate my bite so that my mouth and teeth not only look beautiful, they are impeccably functional. I appreciate the tenacity with which he works and the time he spends with me, as well as his ability to be kind and humane.

Dr. Rosser and his staff make going to the dentist pleasurable."

Marianne Moon

"Dear Dr. Rosser, Katelyn & Makia,

Thank you for your kindness as you navigated me through my extensive dental work these last 9 months. I especially appreciated you being a "perfectionist" while working with me and making sure that everything was 'just right" before letting me go.

I now have a confident smile I'm happy to share! I will highly recommend you and continue to see you in the future for my routine dental care."


"Doctor Rosser is a god send and his staff are angels!

I suffer from TMJ Disorder and trying to find pain management for it can be almost impossible. From what seems like hundreds of mouthguards, pain medication and even physical therapy, I had found little to no relief. Dr. Rosser came to my aid without hesitation and when he saw the state that my jaw and teeth were in, he instantly began working. Aside from the fabulous dental work he already provide me with, his amazing assistant Katelyn made me a customized splint that's as close to heaven on earth as I've ever been.

My gratitude extends beyond reach. I can't thank you and your teem enough for your amazing and compassionate nature. I am forever thankful. Make room for the influx of people I'm referring your way!

Thank you so much!!!"

Amber Forgey