Did you know that the most effective way to achieve optimum oral health is to schedule regular visits with your dentist? Here's why-

Regular dental check-ups include more than teeth cleaning; they provide you with a comprehensive exam of your periodontal (gum) health, the condition of your teeth, restorations, bite and a thorough cancer screening. The dentist will also review your health history, new medications and how they might affect your salivary glands. A dental exam might even detect systemic illnesses that manifest their first signs in the mouth.

Maintaining a healthy smile can have numerous positive effects in your life - helping to preserve your overall health, impacting your self-confidence and the added peace of mind that comes after a dental check-up.

"Been there, done that", can't be said about a visit to the dentist because Dentistry is constantly evolving with new advancements in dental techniques, products and the awareness of the many connections between your mouth and body.

Ronald Rosser DDS