Pregnancy & Your Dental Health

Pregnancy is an exciting time but keep in mind that as your body changes physically and emotionally, so does your dental health. Did you know that as many as half of all woman develop gingivitis during their pregnancy ?

"Pregnancy gingivitis" is most common between the 2nd and 8th months of pregnancy and shouldn't be ignored. Increased hormones make gums more easily irritated by plaque and can cause the gums to become red, tender to the touch, and to bleed more easily.
To minimize these effects, it's important to continue regular hygiene visits and dental check-ups to remove the plaque and maintain your dental health. It's also a good time to step-up your oral home care. If you don't already, start brushing two times a day for 2 full minutes and floss your teeth daily.
Make your dental health part of your pregnancy plan.