While lip and tongue piercing may be both fashionable and popular in today's culture-
Did you know that the American Dental Association (ADA) is firmly against these types of oral piercings?
Here's why...

The negative consequences of oral piercings and the result of wearing labret or ring styled jewelry are numerous and wears should be advised to the risks.

The oral injuries to the gums, surrounding soft tissues as well as damage to the teeth are caused by the constant rubbing and playing of the jewelry in the mouth.

Continued wear will most likely lead to gum recession, tooth sensitivity, abscesses and mucosal complications including swelling, hyperplastic tissue and keloid scaring in the mouth.

Cracked enamel, chipped and broken teeth are also common and clear indicators that oral piercings compromise your dentition.

The ADA is joined by the National Institute of Health and the Hepatitis C Foundation in advising the removal of oral jewelry and allowing the pierced areas to heal.

Ronald Rosser DDS