Missing Teeth

Loosing a tooth can be traumatic, quickly changing your appearance, confidence and chewing ability. But did you know that loosing one or more teeth can lead to greater problems if the teeth are not replaced?

When teeth are lost dental health problems can escalate, so maintaining the integrity of your mouth is considerable and tooth replacement valuable.

Here are some examples of what can happen when teeth are not replaced:

  • The remaining teeth can shift within the jaw causing misalignment and bite changes.
  • Tooth pain can develop in the adjacent teeth as the occlusion (how your teeth fit together) alters.
  • The biting force on the remaining teeth can change creating additional pressure and discomfort in the jaw joint.
  • Bone loss can occur around the missing tooth, loosening the adjacent teeth in the process.
  • Harmful plaque can collect in new, hard-to-reach areas created by shifting teeth, leading to possible tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  • The loss of teeth and bone can change the shape of your face causing it to sag or indent.
  • The mouth can elongate, droop or changing shape.
  • Speech clarity and word pronunciations can be affected.
  • Digestion can be compromised with the inability to chew foods properly, effecting digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Your teeth are a set, designed to work together. It's another one of nature's wonders but when injury, tooth decay or gum disease causes you to lose a tooth, regardless of the underlying cause, treatment to repair your smile and replace one or more missing teeth is important.

Dr Rosser is proud to offer the latest techniques and long-lasting cosmetic materials available through modern dentistry and will suggest the available options for your individual case. New advances make tooth replacement easier and affordable. We'd enjoy the opportunity to maintain your dental health and bring back your smile.