Visiting the dentist and hygienist at least once a year (but preferably every six months) is more important than you may realize.

Did you know that your mouth is an open "window", revealing not just the condition of your teeth but vital information about your general health?

Signs of nutritional deficiencies, infection and even systemic diseases such as diabetes, lupus or even AIDS may first become apparent in the mouth. A dental exam can often detect a physical problem before you become aware of it and help with an early diagnosis.

Everyone's mouth is filled with countless bacteria; while some are linked to tooth decay, others cause periodontal disease which is often associated with health problems such as heart disease, stroke and pneumonia.

Given the link between the health of our mouth and our over-all body, a dental exam can be invaluable; offering early detection, patient education and prevention tools for good oral healthcare. So, open your "window" and let us shine a light on your smile -

because living a healthy life is something to smile about.

Ronald Rosser DDS