Did you know that brushing your teeth and flossing on a regular basis is about "so much more"? Good homecare along with visiting your dentist on a regular basis may be one of the healthiest decisions you can make. Here's why...

Researchers have known for years that there's a definitive connection between a healthy mouth and the rest of your body. Poor oral health can significantly affect your overall health causing systemic problems such as heart disease, respiratory infections and even strokes. It's imperative to be aware of any changes in the mouth because they maybe an indication of a serious physical problem.

  • Inflamed gums can be indicative of inflammation in the blood vessels. Restricted blood flow increases plaque buildup in arteries affecting the heart.
  • Discolored swollen gums can be a sign of diabetes, vitamin deficiency, a systemic disease or cancer.
  • Individuals with preexisting health conditions should also be aware of the importance of their oral health as they are more prone to gum disease which could complicate their condition.
So keep brushing, flossing and using the "perio-toothpick aid" our hygienist gave you. It's the "triple crown" in our office to keep your homecare at its best.

If you suspect any of the physical problems associated with a less than optimal oral care, please call us for an appointment so we can evaluate your concern.

Ronald Rosser DDS