New Year's Resolutions come and go - A common resolve for many of us is to eat a healthier diet or to kick a bad habit. You might be surprised that our dental team supports those goals and are here to cheer you on. Here's why-

Did you know that what you choose to eat and how often you ingest it can affect you dental health?

Frequent and prolonged eating patterns coupled with poor food choices can lead to tooth decay. Bathing your teeth in a steady supply of sugary foods and drinks throughout the day raises your risk for dental problems down the road.

The culprit is PLAQUE, a sticky film of bacteria found in your mouth. The bacteria in plaque create acid from the sugars found in food and beverages. This acid attacks the tooth enamel for as long as 20 minutes after you've finished eating. Snacking and drinking soda or sport drinks throughout the day, erodes the enamel on your teeth raising your risk for cavities.

So kick the habit - Eat 3 balanced meals a day; limit your intake of sugary beverages, and brush after every meal. Visit us for a dental cleaning and you'll be ready to go !

Your commitment to your New Year's Resolution will result in a healthier body and a much healthier smile too!

Ronald Rosser DDS