Cracked Tooth Treatment

If you're experiencing sharp pain when you apply biting pressure to your teeth, you most likely have a cracked tooth. As we age, cracked teeth become more common but did you know it's not just age that that can contribute to a cracked tooth?

Years of dental restoration can certainly make you more prone to a cracked tooth but unrestored teeth that are free of caries and teeth with small conservative restorations can develop cracks as well. It's also not unimaginable to crack a tooth while clenching or grinding your teeth while asleep. Stress and chomping on hard foods or ice can cause a crack as well.

Catching a cracked tooth early is the key to a successful crown or cap restoration of the tooth. However, if the crack has progressed to involve the pulp; a root canal may be necessary or possibly the removal of the tooth and a dental implant surgically positioned to replace it.

If you think you have a cracked tooth, don't delay. Call us immediately for an appointment so we can evaluate the tooth involved and prescribe a treatment plan to preserve it.

Ronald Rosser DDS