Athletic Mouthguards For Your Child

The appearance of your child's unique smile plays a significant role in their self-confidence and personal expression; supporting the value of regular dental visits. But dental visits and teaching your child good homecare may not be enough and parents often overlook the importance of protecting their child's teeth from injuries.

Did you know that 39%of dental injuries are sports related?

If your child is involved in an athletic contact sport or a recreational activity that poses a risk or injury to the mouth; they need to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. A custom made Athletic Mouthguard will assure that the appliance fits properly over their teeth and that it securely stays in place during their sport activities. Wearing a guard can truly make a difference in protecting their smile. "Sporting" one is cool. Many professional athletes appearing on television wear one and your child should too.

To avoid unwanted fractures and trauma to your child's teeth; be proactive and have them fitted with an Athletic Mouthguard as soon as they start playing sports.

Ronald Rosser DDS