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Athletic Mouthguards for Your Child

The appearance of your child’s unique smile plays a significant role in their self-confidence and personal expression; supporting the value of regular dental visits.  But dental visits and teaching your child good homecare may not be enough and parents often overlook the importance of protecting their child’s teeth from injuries.
Did you know that 39%of dental injuries are sports related?

If your child is involved in an athletic contact sport or a recreational activity that poses a risk or injury to the mouth; they need to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. A custom made Athletic Mouthguard will assure that the appliance fits properly over their teeth and that it securely stays in place during their sport activities. Wearing a guard can truly make a difference in protecting their smile. “Sporting” one is cool. Many professional athletes appearing on television wear one and your child should too.

To avoid unwanted fractures and trauma to your child’s teeth; be proactive and have them fitted with an Athletic Mouthguard as soon as they start playing sports.

Ronald Rosser DDS

Cracked Tooth Treatment

If you’re experiencing sharp pain when you apply biting pressure to your teeth, you most likely have a cracked tooth.  As we age, cracked teeth become more common but did you know it’s not just age that that can contribute to a cracked tooth?

Years of dental restoration can certainly make you more prone to a cracked tooth but unrestored teeth that are free of caries and teeth with small conservative restorations can develop cracks as well. It’s also not unimaginable to crack a tooth while clenching or grinding your teeth while asleep. Stress and chomping on hard foods or ice can cause a crack as well.

Catching a cracked tooth early is the key to a successful crown or cap restoration of the tooth. However, if the crack has progressed to involve the pulp; a root canal may be necessary or possibly the removal of the tooth and a dental implant surgically positioned to replace it.

If you think you have a cracked tooth, don’t delay. Call us immediately for an appointment so we can evaluate the tooth involved and prescribe a treatment plan to preserve it.

Ronald Rosser DDS

Nightguard Appliances for Bruxism

Do you wake in the morning with a headache, an aching tooth, earache or sore facial muscles? The culprit is likely Bruxism; the dental term used for “teeth grinding & clenching”. Left untreated, the painful effects of bruxism can lead to enamel wear, factures and even tooth loss. Did you know wearing a custom made nightguard can alleviate your symptoms and protect your teeth too?

A nightguard is a custom-made hard plastic appliance which is designed to fit perfectly and securely over your lower teeth. Worn while you sleep, the biomechanics of the appliance will significantly lessen the force being generated on your teeth, muscles and jaw joints. Wearing a nightguard will disrupt the grinding cycle, alleviating muscle and jaw strain as well as protecting your teeth from enamel wear and possible fractures. Within days of wearing the appliance, the stress on chewing muscles will diminish and any related headache pain is often eliminated completely.

A nightguard is comfortable and easy to wear and you’ll soon discover that sleeping with a custom nightguard can make an enormous difference in the quality of your life. If you’re experiencing the described symptoms, there’s no need to suffer. Call us for an appointment - you’ll be glad you did.

Ronald Rosser DDS

Dentistry for the School Age Child

A Pediatric Dentist traditionally limits their practice to infants and young children.  Their specialized training offers a unique level of care to pre-school children but did you know that when your child starts grade school, it’s time to transition them to a General Family Dentist?

You might be hesitant to pull your child away from all the toys and games that today’s pediatric dentist provide as an enticement to stay but a Family Dentist is better trained and equipped to provide your child with the dental care they’ll need throughout their childhood and adolescence.

Listed are some of the services we can provide your child:

  • Professional dental cleanings to remove calculus or tartar deposits from teeth and around braces with specialized ultrasonic instruments
  • Assess the need for early orthodontic intervention to assure that your child’s arch has enough room for the eruption of their permanent teeth.  Early detection will prevent crowding and the possibility of extensive orthodontics in the future.
  • Interpret the growth and development of  the lower jaw and utilize the necessary diagnostic tools necessary for a definitive evaluation
  • Replace congenitally missing teeth with dental implants
  • Educate and train your child to properly clean and care for their teeth and the supporting tissue
  • Create custom protective athletic mouthguards to reduce trauma and tooth loss
  • Use the latest materials and technologies to maintain and restore your child’s teeth by applying sealants that protect the molars from decay, fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel and prevent cavities, to addressing any cosmetic concerns you or your child might have

A Family Dentist will follow your child’s oral development, providing reasonable and practical treatment plans for their mixed dentition (primary & permanent teeth) and cater to their individual dental needs as they grow.  They have the knowledge, ability and experience to perform procedures in every aspect of your child’s dental healthcare.
So, make the switch and transition your child to a General Family Dentist.

Ronald Rosser DDS

Living A Healthy Life

Visiting the dentist and hygienist at least once a year (but preferably every six months) is more important than you may realize. Did you know that your mouth is an open “window”, revealing not just the condition of your teeth but vital information about your general health?

Signs of nutritional deficiencies, infection and even systemic diseases such as diabetes, lupus or even AIDS may first become apparent in the mouth. A dental exam can often detect a physical problem before you become aware of it and help with an early diagnosis.

Everyone’s mouth is filled with countless bacteria; while some are linked to tooth decay, others cause periodontal disease which is often associated with health problems such as heart disease, stroke and pneumonia.

Given the link between the health of our mouth and our over-all body, a dental exam can be invaluable; offering early detection, patient education and prevention tools for good oral healthcare. So, open your “window” and let us shine a light on your smile -
                                               because living a healthy life is something to smile about.

Ronald Rosser DDS                         


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